Coffee is native of the province of Kafa in southwestern Ethiopia. The aromatic beverage is one of the country’s leading exports. There is an elaborate coffee preparation and drinking ceremony that celebrates the beverage. Coffee and tea are combined with aromatic spices of dry cinnamon, cardamom and a touch of cloves—the latter being more dramatic tends to overwhelm, therefore less of it is used in the brewing of both. Traditionally, coffee was sweetened by placing a spoonful of honey under the tongue, prior to drinking a mouthful of hot coffee. When the coffee is then sipped, it causes the honey to melt slowly. This delicious mix of coffee with an overlay of honey would have been described as the amber nectar of the gods by the ancient Greeks had they traveled to the highlands of Gojjam, the famed land of honey. At Ghenet, we are willing and ready to serve you this delicious coffee from Homeric times as a grand finale of your dining experience.